Vaska Leontic


Vaska Leontic was born on August 11, 1970. in the city of Istanbul in the Republic of Turkey. At the age of four, he and his family moved to Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia. Primary school finished at O.U. “Koco Racin”, and in the first two years of high school, he studied at the KCo “Koco Racin” as a fashion designer, and was following the last year in the company “Dimitar Vlahov” in the group for professional hairdressers. Parallel to the duration of the education, it followed the practice of salon. After completing his education and practice, he worked for seven and a half years. During that period, various seminars and lectures followed, and participated in their own independent hairstyles and competitions (at the level of Macedonia it won the first place, and at the level of Yugoslavia it has won the 10th place). VaskaLeontic was and still is an active member of the Club hairdressers in Skopje and participated in all the shows and events organized by the club. After eight years of working experience, he opened his own hairdresser studio. He passed the hairdresser’s exam on August 13, 2008, and the masterpiece exam for a beautician 28.12.2009.

Vaska Leontic has contributed and participated in many business seminars

KDS – 25.01.2001 – participation in the seminar on the topic “CULTURE OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION” KEUNE Academy – 15.09.2004 – Participation in a seminar with the workshoplook-and-learn in the Netherlands. As a representative of the private high school “Academy Leontic” from 27 -30 September 2009 was a participant of the léargas contact seminar in Dublin.CEED – Successfully completed managerial program at CEED TOP CLASS – 2009/2010 – Generation 3CEED – Successfully purged managerial program at CEED TOP CLASS 2010/2011 – Generation 3In 2010/2011 – Participated as a mentor in the managerial program CEED TOP CLASS 2010/2011 – Generation 4 From 2009 / 2016- Coordinator, House participant and participant in European projects through the “National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility”. Participation in the projects Leonardo Da Vinci, Erasmus + KA1, KA2 and many other projects. Today he is a student at the Faculty of Economics at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius ,, – Skopje.

Presentation of professional companies

Vaska Leontic independently or together with “Studio Leontic” and “Academy Leontic” presented the following professional companies: MAKS FAKTOR-presentations of new collections of decorative cosmetics through make-up throughout Macedonia (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997) DIKSON presentation of (1998, 1999, 2000) O’RAJZING-education through the presentation of their preparations for problematic hair and skin on the head (1998, 2000) TRIKOLIGO-presentation of their preparations their professional preparations through the techniques of work on MODEEST (2001, 2002, 2003) KEUNE presentations of their preparations through the techniques of work throughout Macedonia and MODEST (2003, 2004) KORFF presentation of their decorative cosmetics and the way of using the techniques of work of MODEST (2003) LEJDI B-presentation of their decorative cosmetics and the way of use through a technique at work (12 years of MODEST and throughout Macedonia) PULLANA-presentation of their cosmetic collection for face and body in the Cosmetics Club (2005) SISLI – Presentation of their cosmetics the collection was presented to the public in Kosmo perfumery in the shopping center Zebra (2010)

Idea for the academy

Over time due to the quality of their work, many have begun to ask Vaska Leontic training classes for future hairdressers and makeup artists. Hence the idea of ​​opening courses for professional hairdressers, makeup artists, beauticians and massers was born. The concept of training courses as a whole and the program at every level is changed, renewed and moderated depending on the changing of the fashion and the new trends in the area. Academy “Leonid” holds courses for professional hairdressers, makeup artists, beauticians, massers and spa treatments of course students who do not have previous experience, as well as professionals with work experience. Trainers “Academy Leontic” affirms through various events organized by “Academy” Leontic, presentations throughout Macedonia showcases hairstyle and make-up, theater shows and shows of a wider character.

Club ``Planetarium``

Vaska Leontic strives for the employees of “Studio Leonic” and “Academy Leontic” to constantly improve themselves in the country by organizing various workshops with visiting stylists from abroad or abroad by visiting various lectures, seminars, fairs, workshops, private lessons and the like. With these activities Vaska Leontic tried to fill the void that was felt in a certain period after the closing down of the activities of the Hairdresser Club in Skopje. For this purpose, in 1998, he founded the club “Planetarium”, in which he connected various types of stylists (hairdressers, beauticians, makeup artists, fashion designers), actors, dancers and singers from all over Macedonia. This club has many performances, presentations and performances. The Academy “Academy”, the “Planetarium” club, is one of the newest activities in the field of activity, and “AcademiaLeonik”, which is intensively active, continues with public presentations, seminars, fashion presentations, similarly.

Cultural events prepared by Vaska Leontic

Vaska Leontic was the manager of cultural events that she prepared for her and which are numerous, and we will mention the most significant: The project “Woman through centuries” at the Marko Cepenkov cultural center in Prilep, the project “Fashion for centuries” at the Drama Theater in Skopje, Annual reviews of the Academy. All these activities include the employees of Leontic, candidates, students and high school students from the PCSO. And PSO. “Leontic’s Academy”, many stylists, fashion designers, actors, dancers, ballet dancers, singers and beauties from the Republic of Macedonia (Prilep, Shtip, Gostivar, Kocani, Kicevo, Kumanovo, Bitola, Ohrid, Tetovo) .VaskaLeontiorganized the performances, seminars, photo sessions, self-portraits, and photos and videos, as well as video recording of the included educated candidates, students and high school students. Every year, this is a MOSTEST, and in 2004, VaskaLeonti is a partner of the “MODANAKUCHA”. In 2010/2011, the second anniversary of TCZebra, the University of Latvia, the University of Latvia, the students of the Academy and the students in the field of activity in the field of communication, are able to participate in the activities of the organization and the organization of the current interval. On November 29, 2009, together with the students from the School of Applied Science “Academy”, organized the topic “BAROQUE”, the subject matter was MOB.In the period 2013-2014, under the guidance of Vaska Leontic, the series and hairdressing and make-up for the fashion week in Skopje were prepared, which personally actively worked. candidates, high school students and high school students actively participate in cultural events.

Vaska Leontic today

about 8 years of working experience with Master Anche Panovska and 24 years of work experience gained through the development of his own career, Vaska Leontic still with the same dedication and love actively works in the field personal services. Consistently follows all new and modern trends in the cosmetics industry, did not give up monitoring of novelties and educations in the field of haircut techniques, they always applied the most modern tools for work in hairdressing, cosmetics, massage and in the make-up industry. Her greatest virtue is that she unselfishly shares her knowledge with her clients by advising them what is best for them, and has proved herself in the role of a true educator who conveys all the secrets of her craft to her students: the techniques of work, the process on the development path towards achieving success and becoming a brand.
Recognizing the need for more educated staff in the field of personal services, Vaska Leontic made the next step in her development path and opened a secondary vocational school. For the past 9 years, she taught how to manage and how to manage secondary vocational education, entered the secrets of the education system with one single goal: the private high school “Academy Leontic” to grow into a tradition. Of course, one must also notice the assistance received from all public institutions: the Ministry of Education and Science, the Bureau for Development of Education, the Vocational Education and Training Center, the National Agency for Educational European Programs and Mobility. In her managerial work in secondary vocational education, many European projects are actively working and she is still learning how to find a partner and how to promote her homeland and school through the realization of those projects. With her dedicated work and selfless efforts, she shows her students the path to success, actively involving in all activities in order to acquire the necessary skills and habits, and to get to know the work in many European companies and institutions, where they have the opportunity to get acquainted with different standards of work. All this allows students to develop much faster and have an initial picture of what is happening in the world. They also get an opportunity to be involved and active in institutions, companies and schools outside of our country, which for many is a dream come true, so through these projects students realize the dream that they felt unrealistic.
Vaska Leontic does not undermine her own education: thanks to the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility, through European projects she learns how to introduce the latest standards of work and how to master those techniques, candidates and students, mastering techniques that are not apply extinction as an activity, she seeks to revive extinct trades to introduce then training centers precisely for those activities. She believes that, if this is not done now, later we will have no one to study those trades, because in the world the number of MASTER-LEGACIES that has been governed by these techniques has significantly decreased.
In 2013, Vaska Leontic completed a specialization in London under the project called Traditional Hairdressing Traditional Traditional Trades Program, at the UK WIG SCHOOL School to master wig making techniques manually: hair fiber classification, hair splitting according to quality, how to buy hair, making according to the needs of clients and everything for the natural fiber.
In 2013, Vaska Leontic was the Project Coordinator in Ljubljana on the topic: New Hairdressing and Cosmetic Standards in Europe.
In 2013, Vaska Leontic was on a preparatory visit to Lithuania – Vilnius for the preparation of a new project on the topic of EUROPEAN STANDARDS IN ACCESSION ACTIVITIES AND THEIR DEVELOPMENT AND MANNER OF APPLICATION.
In 2013, Vaska Leontic was on a preparatory visit to Portugal to prepare a new project on the topic of Understanding Operational Protocols and European Standards in SPA Hotels and Training Centers
In 2013, Vaska Leontic was a member of the Advisory Board of the internship and employment project for persons with disabilities, a USAID-funded project implemented by My Career in Skopje.

In the academic year 2012/2013, Vaska Leontic started the realization of the project of public interest – free schooling of children without parents and children with special needs, with the approval of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, which for many was an ambitious and courageous move. Students from the above category will not only have the opportunity to learn directly from the best, but after the completion of their education they will be employed as well.
The project could not be realized without the help of professors-volunteers. Guided by their desire to help, they directly contribute to completing the educational process. With them, students have the opportunity to realize themselves according to their possibilities and needs.
Vaska Leontic says: “So far, nothing has satisfied me as much as the love of these nine children, who are able to respect all that we do together with them, they can listen and be friends. This project is the top in my career, and I am pleased to announce the next project for children with mild developmental obstacles and opening a training center for them.
In 2014, Vaska Leontic prepared a program to host in Macedonia and organize mobility and training for teaching staff and students from EU member states. through the Erasmus Program + in the Private Training Center and in the Private High School “Academia Leontic” in Skopje. The activities started with the promotion of the program itself through contact seminars abroad and lobbying with the partners with whom Vaska Leontic co-operated and was a participant, bearer and coordinator of same mobility and projects.
In the period 2014-2015, Vaska Leontic is coordinator of the mobility project for 10 pupils and one accompanying person through the ERASMUS + program in Vilnius-Lithuania.
In the period of 2015 – From 5-7.11.2015 Vaska Leontic presents the program for partnership development through the sectoral programs K1i K2 at a contact seminar in Naples, Italy through the Lifelong Learning Program ERASMUS + on the theme of European Shared Strategies for Reducing the Occurrence of NEETS .
In 2015 Vaska Leontic is the host and coordinator of mobility through the program of ERASMUS + in Macedonia, Skopje and lecturer through the first mobility and exchange of teaching staff and students from Vilnius, Lithuania through the school, “Vilniaus paslaugu verslo darbuotoju profesinio rengimo centras.
During a preparatory visit to Skopje, Macedonia did not visit two teachers from Vilnius, Lithuania, Rita Damkauskiene and Danguole Gudiene during their preparatory visit from 23 March to 28 March. Their visit was aimed at studying our vocational training program.
In the period from 04.05.-23.05.2014, five students from Vilnius, Lithuania and one teacher as an associate, coordinator and lecturer on this mobility were Vaska Leontic.
The purpose of this visit is the study of new standards, work protocols in various institutions at national level as well as in the private sectors of the labor market, the organization of private vocational schools, new techniques of work and the ways of their application, and it is obvious from the very title of the project International Training Concerns Integration Success in the Labor Market “International Training Concerns Integration Success into the Labor Market.

In 2016, as part of the sectoral program ERASMUS + and the K1 projects, our school was re-hosted and welcomed by our partners from Latvia-Riga and from Lithuania-Vilnius, coordinator and lecturer on these mobilities is Vaska Leontic.
The Riga school, the RIGA STYLE AND FASHION VOCATIONAL SCHOOL participated with two projects one for the mobility of four students in the period from 03-04-23.04.2016 and one teacher as an associate for the duration of 03.04-09.04.2016.
In the period from 02.05.-09.05.2016. two teachers from Riga, Latvia from the professional area for hairdresser and make-uper were mobility.
In the period from April 10 to April 16, 2016, a project participant was one teaching staff from Vilnius, Lithuania through the school, “Vilniaus paslaugu verslo darbuotoju profesinio rengimo centras.
In the period from 10.04.-30.04.2016 mobility of eight students from Vilnius was going to stay in Skopje through the school “Vilniaus paslaugu verslo darbuotoju profesinio rengimo centras”.
Between 2016 and 19-27.11.2016 Vaska Leontic Coordinator of the project and participant as a teaching staff for the mobility of two mentors through the ERASMUS + program In Viterbo, Italy On the topic of INTERNATIONAL INTEGRATION TRANSING- SUCCESS ON THE LABOUR MARKET ACCORDING TO THE EUROPEAN STANDARDS FOR HAIRDRESSERS, MAKEUP SPECIALISTS AND COSMETICIANS
International integration training: The success of the labor market in line with the European standards for hairdressers, makeup specialists and beauticians
In 2017-PERIOD From 12.01.-27.01.2017 Year
Vaska Leontic, project coordinator and participant as an associate person for mobility of 10 candidates through the ERASMUS + program In Riga, Latvia On topic
International integration training: The success of the labor market in line with the European standards for hairdressers, makeup specialists and beauticians.
In 2017, the period 03.03.- 17.03.2017
Vaska Leontic, project coordinator and participant as an associate person for mobility of 8 candidates through the ERASMUS + program In Malmo, Sweden On topic
International integration training: The success of the labor market in line with the European standards for hairdressers, makeup specialists and beauticians
In 2017, Vaska Leontic was coordinator and lecturer through the program of ERASMUS + and the K1 projects, our school was hosted and welcomed by our partners from Latvia – Riga.
Their visit was designed to study our vocational training program from the personal services program and which machines, appliances and techniques are used during adult training and how practical work is organized.
The school from Riga, Profesionālās izglītības kompetences centrs “Rīgas Stila un modes tehnikums”
(Competence Center of Vocational Education “Riga Style and Fashion Technical School”)
They participated with two projects one for the mobility of five students in the period from 02-04 to 22.04.2017 and one teacher as an associate in duration from 02.04.2017 to 08.04.2017