External teaching activities

The students perform activities for preparation of the shows, seminars and other projects that are of great importance in their further work, as well as for the development of their career. Within the Annual Work Program of the school there are activities for organizing excursions around Macedonia, and the excursions planned for outside of Macedonia are with a special goal: visit the best and most visited vocational training fairs, then general visits to fashion fairs, seminars and various performances of perfumery with cosmetic preparations and the like, organizing minerves and presentations of seasonal trends, visiting theaters, museums and similar other activities related to the educational profile of the school, and which will help in the further work of students.

In the plans for realization of the educational process, the school envisages teaching-scientific excursions, aimed at practically adopting knowledge of the culture and society of the peoples in the country and beyond. In that sense, teaching-scientific excursions are in favor of enriching the acquired knowledge from different fields, encouraging critical thinking, and developing a higher degree of socialization among the students. This way of excursions and visits will be realized according to the composition of the students, regardless of cultural determination, tradition and religion.

This type of extracurricular activity – visit and mobility, is organized in PSA “Academy Leontic”.

Thanks to the preparation and work with the NATIONAL AGENCY FOR EUROPEAN EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS AND MOBILITY, within the Leonardo da Vinci sectoral program from the Lifelong Learning Program and the newly-named European projects through the ERASMUS + K1 and K2 subprograms, the students and the teaching staff through these projects and mobility will be nominated during the school year and prepared for this type of project. For these projects, 10 students for mobility are prepared by visiting secondary vocational schools, training centers, SPA centers, factories production of cosmetic products and visit the many other institutions and companies associated with some of the personal services on weekends and free time visiting museums and historical sights.

All this preparation starts from September with the study of a foreign language, cultural and pedagogical preparation for the host city and preparation for presentation of our country. Visits and activities will be led by a mentor-lecturer for practical work, and they will last for two weeks.

Mobility of management and teaching staff

PSU “Academy Leontic” from the very establishment of the school is included in the program for mobility: Professionals in vocational education and training – VETPRO, within the sectoral program “Leonardo da Vinci” from the program “Lifelong Learning” and the new program ERASMUS +, in cooperation with the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility. This mobility and visit will be at the vocational school for processing wigs and other extinct trades in London on the topic: Program for preserving traditional hairdressing trades.

The training will be followed by a master-lecturer in practical work Vaska Leontic and the teacher in the theoretical subject: technology of occupations in the professional areas Tanja Makkazlieva. The visit will last for two weeks from January 17 to 24.

Socially useful work

Socially useful work is the basis for development and stimulation of the positive attitude of students towards social values, values of collective living, encouraging the feeling of unity and belonging and sustainable development of nature. These activities are aimed at improving the living and working environment of the school and beyond.

In this sense, the school’s work program foresees activities for the abusive work. These activities will be realized in accordance with the state recommendations for mass working actions, but also within the regular school activities. Participation in these actions of socially important character will be taken by students, teachers, and in certain forms and the technical staff of the school.

Due to the nature of the practical work of the school “Academy Leontic”, according to the needs and requirements, it comes into contact with the nursing homes during the Elderly Week from 15 to 21 November and in the homes for orphans when they need the services for which our students are trained, and at the same time it is an opportunity to see how to organize work and help out of salon work and in non-standard conditions for practice.