Mission and vision


The main mission of the school is training of personnel that during the education will acquire the expected professional competencies, according to the occupational standards, which after the completion of education will be sufficient for employment or self-employment. Also, it is possible to re-educate the students, that is, they can continue their education at faculties in the country and abroad. In that sense, the selection of staff for practical training is based on the selection of renowned and recognized experts in their profession, both internal and external experts in the respective field. As an external expert, Ms. Essen Bejzat, who is a mentor in the preparation of specialist programs in Stylism (which has published professional literature in the field of stylism for high school students) contributed to align with European standards and to bring innovations and innovations into new programs. With the introduction of specialization in these activities, our students will have the opportunity to further develop their education and in their career. The school is always open for cooperation, for new ideas that encourage individuality and creativity, working discipline and culture, higher intellectual abilities and education will respond to life challenges and offers opportunities for self-awareness and expression of personal abilities through practice and field work in various institutions that apply our techniques and skilled and at work.

Vision of the school

Our vision is to create an institution for professional staff that will be recognizable by its criteria and principles for achieving high quality, responsibility and lasting human values.

The regular secondary school “Academia Leontic” is a regional center for occupations in the field of personal services (hairdressers, makeup artists , cosmeticians and massers)

Philosophy of work

This is not a standard secondary vocational education that will give you a job diploma, but it is a school for acquiring high-standard skills and a unique working style. The private high school “Akademija Leontic” is where your talent will come to the fore.

To be fully educated and trained, the Private High School “Academia Leontic” encourages:

  • responsibility and regularity in work;
  • precision and accuracy in work;
  • initiative, creativity, activity;
  • individual and teamwork;
  • gaining self-confidence and security;
  • tolerance;
  • self-criticism and flexibility;
  • mutual respect;
  • managerial skills and the ability to manage their own salon;

preparedness for field work (televisions, stage, opera and ballet, presentations about perfumery, cosmetics, etc.)