Prices and scholarships

Education fee for one school year in the private secondary school :Leontic Academy” is 2300 euros

If the private secondary school “Leontic Academy” makes changes in the amount of the education fee,they will apply to the future generations that are to enroll. All students will finish the education according to the price list which was valid when they enrolled.

The private secondary school ‘Leontic Academy” gives an opportunity for payment of the annual education in 8 installments:

When enrolling the first school year in month May 550 euros

  • Month June-250 euros
  • Мonth July-250 euros
  • At the beginning of the new school year in month August 250 euros
  • Month September-250 euros
  • Month October-250 euros
  • Month November-250 euros
  • Month December-250 euros (This payment is to be paid at least by the 15th of January)

For cash payment, it is provided a discount of 5% of the total amount for education.

The scholarships for success refer to students who have achieved complete excellent success in their three year education and who were regular in the attendance of the teaching. They can use the scholarship in the additional fourth year, which is provided for specialization in the profession, and they receive a diploma for it.

The discount of 10% refers to the families that will enroll two children in the Private secondary school “ Leontic Academy”.The discount refers to the total amount for both students.

Regular annual fee Scholarship for successful students Fee


2300 Euros 30% discount 1610 Euros
Regular annual fee Two students per family Fee


2300 x 2 = 4200 Euros 10%  discount 4140 Euros


The private secondary school “Leontic Academy” in its program provides scholarships and discounts for certain categories of students