About us

The private high school “Academy Leontic” is located in the strict center of the city of Skopje. The connection with the rest of the city is within the city traffic. SSU “Academy Leontic” is where new generations of professionals are trained, who will establish high standards of work through their originality and appropriate education. Our vision for creating high-quality professionals is already being realized in the Private High School “Academia Leontic”. Part of the school is the salons in which students realize the goals of the curricula through practical training. In them, future hairdressers, makeup artists, beauticians, masseurs will achieve their professional achievements The principle of equal opportunities for each student in achieving success in the educational process is an imperative in our work. So far, we have created appropriate educational profiles in several vocations of personal services, whose education takes place within the three-year secondary education , as well as educational profiles for a beautician-technician with four years of education.

Our training begins with the study of a workplace protocol and a work protocol, which contains all the analyzes that need to be done with the client. It implies that a top professional hairdresser, stylist, beautician, masseur and make-up artist should:
– Have a good study of all the managerial techniques of managing a salon
– be able to recognize and evaluate the needs of the client accordingly, analysis, explain to his client what treatment he will be subjected to, how he will be performed, what will be used and how it will be applied during the treatment itself, and of course, explain the necessity of performing the treatment, such as and give advice to the client what and how to receive prioritization in the home and how to cherish. Only after the client becomes acquainted with the proposed procedure and agrees with it begins with the performance of the working activities for successful performance of the procedure. With this educational approach and protocol work, our students create a real picture of the salon work, for the way they should protect and satisfy their customers, and with their creativity and their professional skills, impose and create an individual image for their client, which will be recognizable and unique.

The areas that refer to beautifying and nourishing the skin on the face and the body (cosmetics, massage and makeup), which are part of our educational system, the treatments that are personally needed by the client for whom they are intended are selected appropriate for each individual separately. To achieve the desired success in the work of our students – future top colleagues, the overall protocol of work and the established treatment techniques are based on practical work with models-volunteers, who are of different ages and of different sexes . The exercises of dolls are intended exclusively for explaining the theoretical part of the teaching and when presenting new techniques of work, i.e. puppets are used in theoretical and technical lessons classes.