Additional teaching

Additional teaching

Additional classes and additional models are introduced in exceptional situations, when one of the students can not master and work harder by a certain technique and skill at work. Then a schedule is made in which terms the student can exercise, and this will be done exclusively according to the needs of the students.

The additional classes are organized during the entire school year. It presupposes teaching content that, for certain reasons, students have failed to master them. This type of teaching involves an individual approach in working with students, but also a way to improve the success of the subject teacher. The individual approach has a strong motivational role in integrating students who have not shown success in regular classes.

This teaching will be carried out by each subject teacher, by drawing up a plan for the schedule of working duties during their working hours. The teachers of the teacher will be pedagogical-psychological service and the coordinator of the school, and, if necessary, the master in practical training.

Salon practice is obligatory for all students during the whole school year, and is planned according to the schedule of classes, which means that after the completion of the practical training and theoretical instruction, all students are deployed for salon practice.

Salon practice helps students to establish more communication with the staff team, to have the opportunity to see how to manage a hairdresser, cosmetic, make-up and massage salon, to establish communication and how to implement a protocol at work, while having possibility to practice all techniques of work by practice.

Salon practice is strictly intended for all students who plan and are ready after starting their schooling to start their career in their own salons. For this reason, these students pay special attention to the overall practice in salon work, and these students are included in the entire organization in the salon practice, inventory, ordering of material and tools for work, and checking the correctness of the tool and accessories for work, how promotional packages and a combination of services are organized, a way of scheduling clients and everything else that will be used in their future work.

For students who plan to start their career with field work, the Salon Practice is not obligatory, but it is obligatory to participate in all the shows, presentations, seminars and must be in practice in all institutions that are considered field work for our educational profiles. It means practice and visit to television institutions, theaters, opera and ballet, perfumery, video spots and advertisements and everything related to field work.

This type of practice is recorded and recorded for each student separately – where it has participated with special praise, and within the school a diary for salon practice is maintained.

Additional classes are planned and realized with students that show a particularly strong interest in certain teaching contents and special talent for the techniques and skills of the work.

The goal of this type of teaching is to provide systematic work with talented and highly creative students.

In the realization of this type of teaching, the creativity and abilities of students for creative research are encouraged. Teachers should prepare a special program for this category of students.

Continuing instruction

Continuing classes will be organized for students who will be sent to a correctional exam on individual subjects. Teachers for the students sent to the correctional exam, prepare a plan and program for realization of the continuing classes, in order to successfully pass the exam.

This course will be held in the period from 06/06/2013 to 21/06/2013 for students from the fourth year. For students from the first, second and third year, this instruction will be conducted from June 11, 2013 to June 21, 2013 and in the August exam, from 9/8/2013 to 08/20/2013.