There are no language barriers in the Private High School “Academia Leontic”: the classes are conducted in three languages: Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish. The only opportunity to complete secondary vocational education in your mother tongue.

The duration of tuition covers a modular program of three years and with an additional fourth year and in total a four-year training for a beautician-technician.

We apply the modular system of teaching. This type of teaching is a novelty in the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia provides not only education, but also full integration of students in some field and content from the envisaged programs, which fully correspond to the student’s sensibility and field of interest. The basic feature of the modular package is the rapid acquisition qualification. By applying this type of instruction, the student’s professional competence is constantly being upgraded. Within the envisaged engagement of students is field work, participation in various manifestations, organization and realization of various projects, in order to get a comprehensive orientation in the future profession.

The curriculum is based on a balance between theoretical and practical teaching in all three academic years. The division refers to total fund hours (weekly and yearly); out of a total of 32 hours a week, 17 hours are practical classes.

View the scope of the teaching time:

Total teaching hours: General education: Vocational education: Practical training:

3492 hours for 3 academic years 1116 hours (31.9%)

540 hours (15.0%) 1836 hours (52.5%)

Organization and realization of the educational work


Practical classes are realized exclusively in their own salons in “Studio Leontic”, which are modernly equipped.

Pupils whose parents have their own hairdressers or beauty salons, after finishing their practical work, attend salon practice with their parents with a signed agreement between the craft chamber, the parent company and the school. During the first year, during the practical training, they begin to study the techniques of assisting and work with their model assistants or students to practice each other and learn the basic and basic techniques of work, and in the second half of the second and second the third year is provided with a model, whereby students establish a direct protocol of work and fully work on the techniques themselves, only the mentor performs a professional examination for each completed technique of the student according to the program and number by models. Models volunteer and do not pay for the services provided.

The models are selected according to the needs of the school and the envisaged curriculum, and each student should complete a minimum number of models according to the techniques that are taught in each school year.

The curricula and programs for which the educational work is carried out are unique, and they are approved by the Minister of Education and Science. The parents of the students are familiar with the goals of the programs and the manner of their realization.

In order to promote the teaching work throughout the school year, the external education will be mentored educational work, and teachers will be permanently trained