Managing and teaching staff

Our teaching staff is skilled to penetrate your artistic part, to wake up your talents and opportunities. That’s the way to success. Each student gains and develops self-confidence which is basic in the client’s and working team’s communication.

Be the first generation of educated, built and complete hairdressers, makeup artists, beauticians and masseurs who will promote new standards and working techniques!

Teaching staff in practical work

Lecturers in practical work, according to the standards for teaching staff and training, are masters, and helpers in the salon training are assistants, that is, the employees who work daily in the salons and perform the salon work professionally.

The teaching staff and assistants in practical training are under the direction of the founder and the school principal.

The entire school education and all the skills and techniques of work are taught by master lecturer Vaska Leontic, who is the founder and director of this school.

Students have the opportunity to learn the style and techniques that master master lecturer Vaska Leontic, the way she manages the beauty salon, how to create and build a brand, and how to achieve a top career. After all, the parents themselves, when enrolling their children in this school, their main goal and initial idea is for their children to follow the step, success and style of work of the school owner and the company “Academy and Studio Leontic”.

Our teaching staff can penetrate the artistic into you, to awaken your talents and opportunities. In this way, success is achieved; each student acquires and develops self-confidence that is the basis for contact with the client and the team with which he is working.

Be among the first generations of educated, built and complete hairdressers, makeup artists, beauticians, massers and stylists for visual stylization and fashion stylism that will promote new standards and techniques!