Apart from the care for the maximum development of professional competences, the Private High School “Academy” Leontic “takes care of the health, regularity and safety of the enrolled students.

In addition, in addition to education, our concern is also to help parents and children with the opportunities that they have after school completion according to their vocational training. This means professional orientation, personal advice and recommendations from Master Vaska Leontic, who personally monitors and works with students during all practical training and recognizes competences and their readiness, recommends and advises them how they can learn, which of them can immediately start work, with their own business and career, and which students still need practice, as well as everything related to the further development of students.

PSU “Academia Leontic” this school year (2012/2013) for the first time starts with the education for children without parents, who are involved in the project organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, intended for the development of craftsmanship and for studying the techniques offered by our school. This creates the opportunity for the best and proven children to be employed in “Leontic” salons or be recommended to collaborators.

Also, PSA “Academy Leontic” in its educational program includes training for children with special needs in order to support the development of their psycho-physical skills and to offer them training for job training. Special programs for their independent work are already being prepared in the school.


Assessment for each student will be a cumulative assessment of his overall demonstrated work on general education theoretical instruction, professional theoretical instruction, the salon and technical practice. The displayed final result will depend on the regularity of each student, his / her activity, the inclusion in the projects that the school will take part or organize, as well as the quality of the skills that will overcome and improve them.

Students who will achieve good results in their vocational education will gain the opportunity to become part of the team that works at the Studio Leontic Beauty Center. The opportunity to learn to master the techniques of work will have all the students, but only the best will be selected to work for the Leontic brand. The remaining students will be able to improve their skills in the school “Leontic”.